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Where ANML is subdued, ANML Unleashed is vibrant. Where ANML was pleasantly static, like a taxidermic family pet, ANML Unleashed is now buzzing with animation. What was once tame and trustworthy is now wild and chomping at the bit, ready to give your tastebuds a run for their money. With the incredibly intense and masterfully concocted formulations composed as only Phillip Rocke can, you'll be more than ready to get even closer to nature with each and every delicious draw.

These flavors are designed to provide vapers with the full array of taste profile possibilities—Grizzly provides rich, smooth, and chocolatey notes for a solid umami foundation at a moment's notice; Thrasher takes over from there, sinking gummy-sharp denticles into your senses and spinning wildly, wrapping you up tight in a sour peach ring as cream muddies the once-clear waters; Beast mercifully picks you up out of the ocean, mingling the sweet aromas of fresh bananas and thick custard in your nostrils as it attempts to revive you; Reaver assists, picking handfuls of tropical fruits straight from the trees with little more than a whispered blur and blending them together with the richest of creams for a smoothie profile invoking only the finest buttery notes.

...wait, what? The fourth taste is bitter, not butter? ...oh. I mean, that doesn't make as much sense, but okay. At least Reaver's creamy goodness translates to a smoothie fully capable of representing the final facet of taste: maltiness.

...don't even say it...

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