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Arctic Atomizer Coil Heads by Horizon Tech (5pcs)

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    Arctic Atomizer Coil Head Replacements by Horizon Tech (5pcs)

    These replacement atomizer coil heads for the Arctic BTDC Sub-Ohm Atomizer by Horizon Tech wield some of the finest types of coils, ranging from ultra-reliable dual micro coils to high performance claptons and specialty coils such as Snakes and Hives. Encased within a protective layer of hard-wearing 304 stainless steel for remarkable durability and garnering exceptional flavor from the 100% Japanese organic cotton wicking, these coils will help you get the most from your Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank.


    • Stainless Steel Chassis
    • Wide Wicking Ports
      • Japanese Organic Cotton Wicking
    • Bottom Vertical Coils
    • Available Coil Types:
      • BTDC
        • Kanthal
          • 0.2 ohm (30W - 100W)
          • 0.5 ohm (30W - 80W)
      • BTDC II
        • Nickel (Ni200)
          • 0.2 ohm (212°-572°F)
        • Kanthal
          • 0.2 ohm (40W - 100W)
          • 0.5 ohm (40W - 80W)
      • Clapton
        • Kanthal Clapton
          • 0.2 ohm (60W - 90W)
          • 0.5 ohm (50W - 80W)
      • Stainless Steel
        • Stainless Steel
          • 0.2 ohm (60W - 90W)
          • 0.5 ohm (50W - 80W)
      • Hive
        • Two Strands of Twisted Kanthal Twisted Together
        • 0.35 ohm (40W - 80W)
      • Tiger
        • Two Strands of Round Kanthal Twisted with One Strand of Ribbon Kanthal
        • 0.3 ohm (60W - 80W)
      • Snake
        • Ribbon Kanthal Wrapped Coaxially Around Round Kanthal
        • 0.3 ohm (40W-70W)

    Box Contents

    •  5x Arctic Atomizer Coil Head Replacements

    Compatible With:

    Arctic BTDC Sub-Ohm Atomizer by Horizon Tech

    WARNING: These are sub-ohm resistance coils which your device may not support safely. Due to the increased risk when used incorrectly, extra safety precautions should be practiced when using sub-ohm coils. These coils will only work on devices capable of firing sub ohm resistances and handling high amp loads. For mechanical mod users, please use batteries capable of 25A continuous or higher. If you're using a regulated mod, make sure both it and your batteries can handle the amperage. Improper use can lead to injury or damage. Take extra care to check with your ohm meter, ohms law calculator and amperage drain in order to stay safe! If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us by email.

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