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Jam Monster E-Liquid - Blackberry Jam

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No warranty or exchanges allowed due to sanitary and safety reasons. See Warran…


No warranty or exchanges allowed due to sanitary and safety reasons. See Warranty section for details.


Flavor, Flavor, Flavor, Flavor, VG / PG Ratio,


VG / PG Ratio:
75 VG / 25 PG



Blackberry Jam – Jam Monster E-Liquid

"Oh, Jesus Christ...", sighed the park ranger.
Once again, he'd found JM while on patrol.
He contemplated taking action in order to avoid danger,
But the sleeping monster seemed too big for Animal Control.
He paced and he pondered, though his eyes never wandered
far from the monster sleeping with slouched posture.
Then, an idea! The ranger took to the woods,
and ran back, hands full, as fast as he could.
He had picked blackberries as fast as he could pluck it
and now tossed his sweet begotten goods in a bucket.
Giving them a smush 'til sticky and goopy,
He spread the mix on there thick like it should be.
Where? On a slice of freshly toasted bread!
Then, putting butter on the other, he said,
"Wakey, wakey, Mr. Monster, here's a treat you wouldn't believe!
You're welcome to have it if you would just leave."
The monster gave no response, then all of a sudden,
He snapped his eyes open, giving his tummy a rubbing.
He gave the air a sniff, then without respite or discussion
He knocked the ranger down—giving him a mild concussion,
Snatched up the jam, toast, & butter assembly,
And then he scarfed down the sandwich in no way gently
Then took to the bucket, licked it down 'til it's empty
Then picked up the ranger (he didn't mean to be unfriendly)
The monster jumped up to his full height of ten feet
He brushed off the ranger and his own fur now crumbly
He grunted an apology, he was just hangry
Then began looking for the berries as good as they can be
Finally, finding the thicket where the ranger picked it
The Jam Monster was overjoyed he didn't miss it!
These super rare berries, truly one of a kind,
Are only in season for a limited time!

Flavor Profile: Blackberry | Jam | Butter | Toast

75 VG / 25 PG Blend

Choose from 0mg (No Nicotine), 3mg, & 6mg nicotine strength.

Available in 100mL Chubby Gorilla unicorn bottles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product may contain nicotine and it should always be kept away from children and pets. It is HIGHLY recommended that you shake the bottle well before use.

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