Advice for Summer Vapers

Posted by EV Cigarettes on 17th Nov 2014

Vaping and summer go hand in hand. There's nothing like enjoying an e-cigarette while strolling down the beach or relaxing in a shady park. There are many ways to improve a vaping experience during these hot months, as well as safety precautions to consider. While enjoying the long, sunny summer days, keep these simple tips in mind and your vaping experience will be more enjoyable every single time.

Protect E-Liquid from Heat Exposure

For starters, consider what the heat does to e-liquid. When not using it, store e-liquid in a cool, shady place to prevent sun exposure. Heat makes e-juice expand and thin out, so use less at a time than normal. Also, make sure that the cartomizer/clearomizer/atomizer is securely attached so that the thin e-liquid doesn't leak. If using a variable-voltage advanced personal vaporizer, it can help the performance to bring down the voltage just a little bit.

Try a Refreshing Fruit Blend this Summer

On the topic of e-liquids, try picking up a few new summer flavors! There is nothing like vaping on an e-cigarette loaded with a fresh fruit flavor on a hot summer day. Space Jam's Pluto e-juice is a perfect blend for summer mixing airy cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew melon flavors with a touch of cool mint and a bubblegum finish. Or, try Flavorz by Joe's refreshing Ecto flavor. The lime punch blend with a tangy finish is the perfect compliment to a sunny day. There are countless other awesome fruity flavors to choose from, too.

Plan for Summer Outings

One of the best aspects of summer is traveling! Whether going on a day trip to the beach, camping for a weekend, or doing anything else that tickles your fancy, make sure that to bring enough supplies. If going somewhere without electricity, make sure to bring some spare batteries and e-juice for each e-cigarette. Pack some extra parts just in case something breaks. If traveling overseas, bring the right kind of adapter for charging. It is also a good idea to look into the local laws and regulations so no boundaries are overstepped unknowingly.

Keep It Safe

Hot summer weather can cause issues with lithium batteries. Avoid leaving e-cigarettes in areas where they will be susceptible to extreme temperatures (like in a vehicle). Take care to keep it in a cool, shady place whenever possible. Keep extra batteries stored individually and ideally in some sort of case or backpack. Vehicle chargers can be handy for trips, but make sure they are not left in for too long. Always monitor the charging process and remember to disconnect it completely when finished.

Save Cash For Summer Fun

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