E-Cig Cartomizer | Learn About Your E-Cig Accessory Options

Posted by EV Cigarettes on 1st Oct 2014

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers

There is no denying that electronic cigarettes can be a bit intimidating to a first-time user. However, most people who take a little bit of time to learn about them end up realizing that they are really not that complicated at all. Of course, there are advanced models that are not suitable for beginners, but understanding the basics isn't hard. One of the most commonly asked questions that new users have is the difference between an e-cig cartomizer, clearomizer, and atomizer.

What Are They?

All three of these devices are made to attach to an e-cig battery, and then deliver e-juice vapor to the user. They all work in a similar way – heating the e-liquid until it becomes vapor, which is then inhaled by the user. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it is up to the user to decide what they prefer, and what they are hoping to get out of their e-cigarette. Let's take a look at the differences, pros, and cons of each.


EV Cigarettes Atomizer

The most basic of the three is the atomizer. Commonly found on older electronic cigarette models, the atomizer is one of the original e-cig components. It has a small capacity, so it’s not ideal for people who like to vape for long periods of time without refilling. However, the low capacity makes it easier to switch between flavors at a moment's notice. The atomizer is perfect for vapers who prefer dripping, and refilling it is extremely simple and fast. This component has a very basic design, and is usually easy to replace. It can be difficult to tell how much e-liquid is in an atomizer, so sometimes users may get dry hits, or they may waste e-liquid refilling the atomizer prematurely.


EV Cigarettes Cartomizers

The e-cig cartomizer is similar in many ways to the atomizer. The difference is that it contains a heating coil that is wrapped in polyfill, which soaks up e-liquid. The benefit is that the user gets longer vaping times, less refilling, and more capacity. Cartomizers are inexpensive, and many of them are easy to rebuild. The downside is that some users feel like an e-cig cartomizer leaves residual flavors from past liquids, so in some cases it may be necessary to use an individual cartomizer for each specific e-juice.


EV Cigarettes Clearomizers

The clearomizer is the newest addition to the personal vaporizer family, and many users prefer it over e-cig cartomizers and atomizers. The clear pyrex or plastic tank makes it easy to see exactly how much e-liquid is currently in your APV. There is a silica wick that delivers e-juice to the heating coil, which many vapers believe provides much better flavor than e-cig cartomizers or atomizers. This device also tends to have a larger capacity, allowing users to enjoy vaping for longer periods of time. Although some of them are more costly, clearomizers present an excellent value because they usually last longest, saving money on replacements.

Buy Compatible Products

Regardless of which you choose, you will need to make sure that your e-cig battery is compatible with the atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer that you choose. If you are not sure if a particular product will work, just give us a call at (904) 619-1730 and we will be more than happy to offer expert assistance. Get the most value for your dollar with every single order when you shop at EV Cigarettes.