E-Cigarette Charger | Learn Proper E-Cig Charging Procedures

Posted by EV Cigarettes on 31st Oct 2014

A Basic Guide to Proper e-Cig Charging Procedures

Like any lithium battery or electronic device, electronic cigarettes can have issues if proper charging procedures are not followed. Recent reports in the media have caused some alarm, however it is worth noting that problems with battery combustion are very rare. Cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices can be dangerous if the user is careless or ill-informed, so take a few moments to learn about how to properly use your e-cigarette charger.

Unplug Your e-Cig After Charging

Avoid charging your e-cigarette overnight. You should only leave your e-cigarette plugged in as long as it takes to fully charge, and then unplug it. This will ensure that your battery does not overheat. Most electronic cigarettes have a light that will show when it is finished charging. Pay attention to this light the first few times so that you can get an idea of how long your device takes to charge. With this information, you will be able to estimate when it is time to unplug your e-cigarette charger.

Use Only Designated Chargers

Never use a charger that you are not 100% confident is compatible. If you are not positive that the threading and power rating match your device, do not use it under any circumstances. Ideally, you should only be using chargers that are made by the manufacturer for a specific product. This will ensure that your product is not damaged, and that dangerous incompatibility issues are avoided entirely.

Monitor Your Charging e-Cig

You should never leave the room for more than a few minutes while your e-cigarette charger is plugged in. If something goes wrong, it is crucial that you are there to stop the problem from getting worse. No matter how unlikely it may be, there is always the slight possibility that a battery could overheat or become overcharged, which can cause an explosion or fire. If you notice that your battery is becoming warmer than usual, or if you see that it is swelling, remove it from the e-cigarette charger immediately to let it cool.

Avoid Low-End Products

Quality electronic cigarettes, advanced personal vaporizers, and MODs pose very little risk. The vast majority of documented accidents occurred because someone was using a cheap knockoff brand. Using high-quality, reputable electronic cigarette products is not only more enjoyable – it is also much safer. There are plenty of affordable e-cigarettes on the market, so there really is no reason to waste your money on off-brands that pose a threat to your safety.

Be Aware of Your Charger's Surroundings

Always pay attention to the area surrounding where your e-cigarette charger is plugged in. Clear out plenty of space and move anything flammable. Take a look around and make sure there are no liquids that could potentially spill, or anything of that nature. Keep your electronic cigarette away from any sort of heating or air conditioning units, as extreme temperatures can cause serious issues.

Make a Habit Out of Safe Charging

The bottom line is that it is not difficult to keep vaping safe. Simply follow standard charging procedures, and use only quality components. If you tend to forget to unplug your charger, consider setting a reminder on your phone, or setting an alarm clock. When possible, make a habit out of charging your electronic cigarette in the same way every day. Never underestimate how important it is to use the correct charger in the proper manner. Buy quality e-cigarette products from EVC, and see what a difference the right equipment makes.