Electronic Cigarette Charger | Keep Your Vaping Safe Every Time

Posted by EV Cigarettes on 24th Oct 2014

Simple Ways to Keep Your Vaping Safe

As more new faces enter the vaping community, it is important to educate novice users about proper safety procedures. Although they are extremely rare, there have been cases of fires occurring because of improper use. Using an e-cigarette and electronic cigarette charger the right way is not difficult, but it is very important. Here we will outline some basic tips to keep your vaping experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Use Only Compatible Chargers Designated for Your e-Cig

First of all, proper charging procedures must be followed. Your electronic cigarette charger should only be used with the brand and model of e-cigarette that it was designated for. Just because your device uses a USB charger does not mean that any USB charger is safe to use. If you do lose your electronic cigarette charger, purchase a replacement that is made to fit your unit. Much like you would not put diesel gasoline into a non-diesel vehicle, you should never use a charger that is not 100% compatible with your e-cig device.

Keep Your Charging Zone Non-Flammable and Clutter-Free

Next, when you charge your electronic cigarette, make sure that there are no flammable materials or clutter nearby. Be sure to leave your e-cigarette on a non-flammable surface, free of paper materials or anything else that could cause a fire. This is not just a tip for charging electronic cigarettes. These are procedures that should be followed with any electronic device. Never leave your electronic cigarette charger and e-cigarette unattended for an extended amount of time, and remember to unplug the charger when the charging is complete.

Do Not Let Your Battery Overcharge

It is crucial that you do not let the battery overcharge. The biggest cause of fires is battery combustion from being left charging for too long. While this is a very rare occurrence, there is no reason to put yourself at risk. Many electronic cigarettes do have an automatic shut-off feature, but there is no reason to rely on that. Consider setting an alarm if you tend to be forgetful about that type of thing. Once you are familiar with your e-cigarette, you will be able to estimate how long the charging process will take and plan accordingly.

Read and Follow the Instructions

Always read the instructions that may be included with your electronic cigarette. Many e-cig products have different procedures and pieces, so do not just assume that all of your devices are the same. Take a few minutes to read the warnings, and adjust your habits accordingly. Be sure to only use reputable products that are known and respected throughout the vaping community.

Use Your e-Cigarette Properly

Your instructions should also tell you how long to hold the button when you are vaping. Most electronic cigarettes require 2-4 seconds of pressing the button. More than 5 seconds tends to be more than necessary. Although holding the button down for too long is not likely to cause battery combustion, there is no reason to put yourself at risk, or put unnecessary strain on your battery. Use your device only as it is intended, and you should not have any problems.

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