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If your vape is like a super aromatic, needlessly foggy, and strangely delicious candle, then your wire is your fire and your cotton is, quite literally, your wick. Both are things that you don't want to needlessly splurge on -- you're just going to buy more later -- but you also don't want to go straight for the cheap stuff, lest you risk getting burned. Have no fear, EVCigarettes is your middle ground, bringing you the finest wick, wire, and accessories money can buy without emptying your wallet in the process. Choose from our wide selection of wire and prebuilt coils available in a variety of materials ranging from kanthal to nichrome to titanium, round to clapton to twisted, all from name brand manufacturers such as Youde (UD), GPlat and Hotwires. Or maybe you're just looking to freshen up your coil, not replace it. No worries, we have wick for days: our supply of 100% Japanese organic cotton, as well as specialty wicking materials like Cotton Bacon, is always in stock and ready to bring the tastiness level of your vape to new heights! 

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