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Chubby Vapes


Double, double, coils and bubbles: from the makers of Joost Vapors comes Chubby Vapes, the next great wave of candy-flavored e-juices that have been taking the nation by storm with their full-bodied and complex flavor profiles that beat the real thing! Chubby Vapes is one such example, emulating some of the finest fruity bubble gum flavors money can buy. With spot-on renditions of well-known and classic flavors like Chubby Purp, Chubby Melon, and Chubby Razz, these e-liquids stay incredibly true to the original flavor profiles for a nostalgic experience that takes you back every time you take a puff.

Chubby Vapes Flavors:

  • Chubby RazzBlue raspberry bubble gum with a sour kick!
  • Chubby PurpSweet and juicy grape bubble gum
  • Chubby MelonMouthwateringly refreshing watermelon bubble gum
  • Chubby StrawberryAromatic strawberry bubble gum
  • Chubby Mixed BerryClassic bubble gum infused with mix of wild berries
  • Chubby AppleTart Granny Smith apples mixed into Chubby Bubble's bubble gum base
  • Chubby GrapefruitPerfectly mild grapefruit mingling with a layer of Chubby Bubble gum 
  • Chubby PunchA definite knock-out from the 1-2 punch of tart fruit punch and sweet bubble gum
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