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Daedalus Coil Jig Pro by Avid Artisan & Lightning Vapes

SKU: 300162

    Daedalus Coil Jig Pro | Avid Artisan & Lightning Vapes

    Exotic coil builds just got EASIER with the successor to the original Daedalus Coil Jig, the Daedalus Coil Jig Pro!  This latest iteration features a new ability to customize your coils even further!  You can now use more than two (2) core wires in a Clapton build by simply inserting one of the included cylinder wire guides into the precision machined hole inside the newly designed brass wire guide, allowing up to 3-4+ core wires to rotate not only at the drill end, but the clamp end as well.  Furthermore, the plastic jig features a cutout side, making it a breeze to install your core wires through the jig during setup.  Plus, the clamp has been improved as it is not just a ball swivel, but a mounted ball bearing fixture has been added to the clamp, providing a smoother rotation on the clamp side.  Finally, each Daedalus Coil Jig Pro includes a sample of Lightning Vapes' 40 AWG Nichrome wire!

    NOTE: Drill not included.  However, any power drill can be used with this setup.

    Box Contents

    • 3x Magical Clapton Tool
    • 2x Swivel Coastlock
    • 1x Metal Accessory
    • 1x Smart Coil Jig
    • 1x Tool Clamp
    • 2x Screw Nut
    • 2x Spring
    • 1x Packing Box

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs, RDAs, etc.) are ADVANCED USER PRODUCTS and ARE NOT recommended for average users or beginners. The use and knowledge of how to properly test for shorts with a multimeter is a very important factor when building your own coils and wicks. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS.

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