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Starter kits are the best place for fledgling vapers to find everything they’ll need (except juice!) to start vaping right away at an affordable price! In each beginner’s vape bundle, you’ll find the MOD of your choice in the color you love—sometimes, your device will have an integrated battery providing power; other times, you’ll be able to pick up a set of high quality battery cells and fully personalize your battery life experience. You’ll also find the tank atomizer perfectly suited for your device with any needed spare parts included, as well as a durable micro-USB charging cable for recharging and/or upgrading your device’s firmware for even greater functionality.

Of course, your vaping experience isn’t limited to bundles—when you’re free to mix and match to your heart’s desire, you’re free to grow as a vaper! Our stock of regulated vaporizers come in a huge range of shapes and sizes with an equally diverse range of features and conveniences defining their functionality. Temperature control is one of the most common, allowing users to regulate the actual temperature of their vapor to perfectly enjoyable levels.

But if you’re more of a no-holds-barred kind of vaper, we have an absolutely massive selection of mechanical and unregulated mods. Need something sleek and powerful for your next competition? Purge Mods’ creations are some of the most energy-efficient and downright sexy masterpieces on the market, not to mention our wide selection of advanced multi-cell box mods in both parallel and series configurations that hit hard, but go easy on the wallet!

Whether you’re starting your vaping journey from the very beginning or you’re well on your way to becoming a bonafide vape master, we have all of the latest and greatest devices you need to continue enjoying vaping to the fullest at an incredibly competitive price!


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