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Donuts (D'Oh Nuts) E-Liquid

dohnuts.pngAn off-shoot brand from the genius juice makers at Marina Vape, Donuts E-Juice (formerly known as D'Oh Nuts) is dedicated to curating the finest and most finely crafted pastry flavors Marina Vape has to offer. But not just any pastry is preferred for this line: as the name would allude, donuts are the name of the game for this delicious line-up of flavors. Drawing inspiration from your local corner coffee shop, each of these flavors spotlights a classic facet of donuttery and wears the name of their distinguishing flavor (Strawberry, Blueberry, & Fruity Pebbles™) as a signature symbol of simpler times—back when the fruit was intense, the toppings were generously given, and the donuts were always freshly baked, no matter what time of day. All it takes is a single drop to take your tastebuds back to those better times.

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