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Dotmod is a vapor hardware company out of San Diego, CA, designing premium vapor products for optimum performance and style. At dotmod, they pride themselves on the quality of their products. Each and every dotmod product is engineered with the highest precision and beautifully finished for optimum performance and unquestionable style.

Dotmod adheres to the principles outlined in the book Conscious Capitalism, written by the former CEO of Whole Foods Markets. Their passion and purpose transcends simply making a profit: they're extremely dedicated to empowering healthier lifestyles. Dotmod shows this overwhelming commitment to the vaping industry by, for one, donating a portion of their profits to CASAA to help promote fair legislation and ensure the industry not only survives the coming challenges, but thrives far into the future. Dotmod is also dedicated to helping the military, veterans, and their families, no matter where they're stationed, by educating, motivating, and facilitating vaping instead of smoking.

Crafted with only the finest quality materials and attentive dedication to both the industry and the people who enjoy it, dotmod has just the perfect product to compliment your lifestyle with class. 

Dotmod, Inc.

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