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Efest LUC Blu4 Bluetooth Intelligent 4-Bay Charger

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    Efest LUC Blu4 Bluetooth Intelligent 4-Bay Charger

    Introducing the LUC Blu4, Efest's slim-and-trim addition to their line-up of Bluetooth-friendly battery chargers that make battery maintenance as effortless as it should be. This version of their Blu technology can accommodate up to 4 battery cells in its compact chassis and can supply up to 1A to a single cell, reducing your wait time to a minute length. Each battery slot is charged independently and has its progress displayed through the OLED display. The Blu series of LUC chargers have a companion app available that allows users to monitor charging progress and adjust settings via Bluetooth, all from the comfort of their couch, bed, toilet, or wherever they may be. And with the inclusion of an extensive safety protection suite, the Efest LUC Blu4 is an exceptional mid-range charger emphasizing functionality and convenience.


    • 4-Bay Battery Charger
    • Compatible with Battery Sizes 10440 to 18650
    • Two Charging Currents of 0.5A/1A
      • Maximum Total Current: 2A
        • Slots 2 & 3 : ≤1A
        • Slots 1 & 4 : 0.5A
    • Independent Charging Rate
    • Independent Charge Monitoring
    • High Definition OLED Display
      • Night Mode Feature
    • Highly Durable Stainless Steel Springs
    • Companion App for Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled Devices
      • Available Through Google Marketplace and Apple App Store
      • (Android 4.3+, iOS7+)
    • Safety Protection Suite:
      • Over-Current Protection
      • Over-Voltage Protection
      • Short-Circuit Protection
      • Reverse Polarity Protection

    Box Contents

    • 1x LUC Blu4 4-Bay Battery Charger
    • 1x AC Power Cord
    • 1x User Manual
    • 1x Warranty Card

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Understanding how to handle and care for Lithium type batteries is very important and should always be practiced.  Lithium type batteries are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or flame if mishandled.  DO NOT charge your batteries overnight or while unattended for a prolonged period of time!  Always charge your batteries in a fire-proof surface/area and DO NOT expose them to high temperatures (e.g. inside your car).  DO NOT expose the battery's terminals to metal objects or immerse in water/liquid.  We are not responsible for any damage if there is any misuse, abuse or modification of the batteries and/or chargers in any shape or form (including pack making).  Furthermore, Electric Vapor Cigarettes LLC (a.k.a. EVcigarettes.com) will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, property damage, or defect that is caused by misuse, abuse or modification of Lithium batteries and/or chargers.

    30-Day Limited Warranty. See Warranty section for details.

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