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Gemini Series Mason 2 (II) (24mm / 30mm) RDA by Vapergate

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    Gemini Series Mason 2 (II) (24mm / 30mm) RDA by Vapergate

    In the second generation of the renowned Mason RDA, known best for its incredibly welcoming build space, wide range of size options, and eye-catching "mason brick" theme, Vapergate stuck with the tried-and-true basics that propelled the Mason to vaping stardom. 

    Constructed using high grade stainless steel for impressive structural sturdiness, the Mason II utilizes two "Velocity-style" posts with two terminals in each post, hence the twin-inspired namesake, for an even simpler and stress-free building experience. The Mason II can utilize up to two different sources of airflow, sourced from both the side-feed slots in the external sleeve and the gaps in the Mason's "bricked out" heat fin system incorporated into the top cap. The side-feed airflow is taken in by three slanted cyclops slots on either side of the barrel and diverted directly towards your build, offering plenty of cool supporting air to coax maximum cloudage from your build;  the Mason's heat fin system, as functional as it is stylistic, allows air to pass through by unscrewing the delrin insert holding the drip tip to the top cap—this piece is interchangeable with future add-ons such as chuffs, 510 drip tips, etc.—providing more than enough auxiliary airflow to chill out even the hottest of vapes, not to mention increase the heat fin's efficiency by that much more. Plus, with the two separate wide bore drip tips included in the package to choose from, you'll never have to choose between cool lips and a cool look.

    Once again, Vapergate has proven their dexterity within the vaping industry as an evolving and continually improving entity with the same commitment to innovation and user satisfaction they had when they first began as a small e-juice maker in 2013. Now, equipped with years of experience and a tightknit team of personnel at every step of the creation process, Vapergate is releasing hit after hit that brings effortless high performance vaping in a highly affordable package to vapers around the globe, and the Mason II is no exception. The rock-solid structure, versatile sizing, and impressive performance of this RDA will have you chucking clouds and singing, "It's a brick...boss..."

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    Price is for one (1) RDA.

    NOTE: For best results, we recommend washing the entire Atomizer before use. 


    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • "Velocity-Style" Build Deck
      • Two Terminals Per Post
        • 3mm Each
      • Phillips Grub Screws
        • Side-Tension
      • No-Spin Posts
        • Keyed Positive
        • Milled Negative
      • 6mm Deep Juice Well
    • Dual Sources of Fully Adjustable Airflow
      • Dual Stacked Rectangular Slots
        • Top Slots: 8mm by 2mm
        • Bottom Slots: 8mm by 3mm
        • Slots Paired on Each Side
          • Throttle Airflow Via AFC Fins on Top Cap
        • Invertible External Airflow Sleeve
          • Lower Airflow Positioning
          • AFC Fins Throttle Top Slot (8mm x 3mm) Only
      • Auxiliary Airflow
        • 14 Rectangular Slots
          • Throttle by Twisting Threaded Delrin Insert in Top Cap
    • "Mason Brick" Heat Fins
      • Delineated and Cooled By Auxiliary Airflow Slots
    • Two Wide Bore 810 Drip Tips Included (SS & Delrin)
      • ID: 10mm
    • Copper Positive Pin
      • Hybrid-Safe
    • PEEK Insulation
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 24mm -or- 30mm

    Box Contents


    • 1x Mason II 24mm RDA by Vapergate
      • 1x Stainless Steel Wide Bore Drip Tip
      • 1x Threaded Delrin Insert
    • 1x Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip
    • 1x Spare Threaded Delrin Insert
    • 1x Cotton Bacon Bits (2g)
    • 1x 22AWG Bob Wire
    • 1x Spare Copper Positive Pin
    • 1x Ultra Rare Super Exclusive Red Micro Screwdriver
    • 6x Spare Allen Grub Screws
    • 1x Allen Key
    • 7x Spare O-Ring


    • 1x Mason II 24mm RDA by Vapergate
      • 1x Stainless Steel Wide Bore Drip Tip
      • 1x Threaded Delrin Insert
    • 1x Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip
    • 1x Spare Threaded Delrin Insert
    • 1x Cotton Bacon Bits (2g)
    • 1x 22AWG Bob Wire
    • 1x Spare Copper Positive Pin
    • 1x Ultra Rare Super Exclusive Red Micro Screwdriver
    • 6x Spare Allen Grub Screws
    • 1x Allen Key
    • 5x Spare O-Ring

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs, RDAs, etc.) are ADVANCED USER PRODUCTS and ARE NOT recommended for average users or beginners.  The use and knowledge of how to properly test for shorts with a multimeter is a very important factor when building your own coils and wicks.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS.

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    1. Heavy Hitter  star rating

      Posted by sgtbluegrass on 24th Dec 2017

      I give this rda a 5 star based on this rating system because it’s not quite a 4 star. But on a 1-10 scale I’d rate it more realistically at an 8.5. The 30mm and up rda category borders almost on ridiculous and impractical, but these things are just awesome! Huge coil builds on a huge build deck. The large velocity style posts on this Mason Gemini demand large builds, or a ridiculous number of wraps just to reach the posts without stretching coils into ridiculous shapes. I’m using dual exo framed spaced aliens ohming in at 0.12ohm on a Hammer of God. All I can say is daaamn. It’s a cloud machine. It gets hot quick but Mason has that covered with that heat sink built right into the cap. Yep, that’s a heat sink and not airflow holes. Airflow fully adjustable and juice well is deep. Only real complaint is the oddly sized drip tip, can’t seem to fit anything else but that metal one it comes with. 810 goons 510, nothing fits. It’s a metal drip tip and conducts heat despite the heat sink. Flavor is decent, and it hits warm/hot regardless of airflow setting. How it looks is subjective but since I can’t put my custom tips on it I dock a point off, just my opinion. Solid rda

    2. massive air flow  star rating

      Posted by Michael Burr on 16th Oct 2017

      I don't have allot of money, with a house, wife, and 3 kids it's pretty tight around here. But I bought this as a birthday gift to myself. Let me just say this thing is amazing, best gift ever. The deck is large and allows me to make allot of different build. Zero leaking issues. The air flow is out of this world, I can make allot of clouds and still have a cool vape the way I like it, at 120 watts!! Hands down best rda I have ever used. thank you

    This product does not carry any warranty and we only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).

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