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Jam Monster E-Liquid - Strawberry Jam

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    Jam Monster E-Liquid - Strawberry Jam

    Concealed in the dark and deep in thick thistle
    The Jam Monster’s fur is beginning to bristle.
    Awoken by scents that were meant to bring joy
    It grumbles and rumbles, constructing its ploy.
    The toast that was toasted aromatically so,
    It would grab that as soon as it walked through the door.
    The jam in the jar on the table could wait,
    The next thing to steal would be the butter plate
    And the Monster's vape—can’t forget that.
    As a matter of fact, lest it needs to come back,
    The organic cotton near the pigsty painted black
    Appears good, so you should just throw it in the bag.
    Then, son, when it’s done, there’s no harm and no foul,
    So don’t watch it leave with a frown and a scowl.
    Simply wave goodbye and walk back inside
    Because the Monster’s just hungry and actually a really good guy.
    (His name’s Jake—we hang.)

    Flavor Profile: Strawberry | Jam | Butter | Toast

    25 PG / 75 VG Blend

    Choose from 0mg (No Nicotine), 3mg, & 6mg nicotine strength.

    Available in 100mL Chubby Gorilla unicorn bottles.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This product may contain nicotine and it should always be kept away from children and pets.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you shake the bottle well before use.

    No warranty or exchanges allowed due to sanitary and safety reasons. See Warranty section for details.

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