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Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1 Replacement Parts

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Due to the nature of this item, we do NOT provide a warranty, return or exchange…


Due to the nature of this item, we do NOT provide a warranty, return or exchange,. for sanitary and safety reaons.



Kayfun Replacement Parts

The Kayfun series of rebuildable atomizers features one of the best vaping experiences on the market. Now you can get Kayfun Replacement Parts straight from EV Cigarettes so you can maintain your favorite vape for years to come! Our Kayfun parts work great with the Kayfun Lite Plus and Kayfun 3.1. You can even use these parts on the Russian 91% (except for the center pin, fill hole screw, and round base tray insulator parts). These quality parts feature the same standard of construction found on the original unit.

Included Parts

Missing a screw? Did you lose your chimney? Was your Kayfun damaged? Finding replacement parts can be difficult and/or expensive, but we’ve got you covered!

Our Kayfun Replacement Parts provide everything you need for the Kayfun Lite Plus and Kayfun 3.1 models: a center pin, fill hole screw, round base insulator, square insulator, stainless cube, wire post screw, air hole adjustment screw, large o-ring, drip tip o-ring, chimney base/cylinder, chimney, center pin, center pin short screw, round base tray insulator, and a fill hole screw o-ring.

We understand that a Kayfun is a highly sought-after vaping investment, and we want to make sure that it is easy for you to maintain that investment as long you need. EV Cigarettes seeks to provide the best customer service on the web, with high quality Kayfun Replacement Parts to keep you vaping with one of the top rebuildable atomizers on the market.


Unfortunately we do not offer a warranty on the replacement parts. For safety and health reasons, we cannot accept returns and exchanges on these items. Please make sure you have selected the right parts before you place the order. Contact our customer service at CustomerService@EVCigarettes.com or 1-(866)-860-7377 if you are unsure of what parts you need. All of our replacement parts are carefully inspected before shipping.



List of Parts

#1 - Center Pin (Kayfun Lite Plus)

#2 - Fill Hole Screw (Kayfun Lite Plus)

#3 - Round Base Insulator (Kayfun Lite Plus)

#4 - Square Insulator - (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#5 - Stainless Cube (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#6 - Wire Post Screw (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#7 - Air Hole Adjustment Screw (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#8 - Large O-Ring (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#9 - Drip Tip O-Ring (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#10 - Chimney Base/Cylinder (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#11 - Chimney (Kayfun Lite Plus & 3.1)

#12 - Center Pin (Kayfun 3.1)

#13 - Center Pin Short Screw (Kayfun 3.1)

#14 - Round Base Tray Insulator (Kayfun 3.1)

#15 - Fill Hole Screw O-Ring (Kayfun Lite Plus)

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