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Monkey O's Kit (Glass)

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    Monkey O's Kit (Glass)

    Prepare to be the envy of all 3 of your friends when you show them these super exclusive glass color-changing Monkey O's straight from...you guessed it, Monkey O's!

    Before the advent of such useful technology as sliced bread, the electric motor, antibiotics, and the Monkey O, if you could send a vapor ring flying, it only alluded to how much free time you had, and how you apparently chose to waste it. But now, even the busiest of vaping bees can easily take a few minutes from their day to master the art of sending rings airborne. And if they can, what are you even waiting for? Take control of your free time by adding one of these collector's items to your delightfully ever-growing collection of vape gear.

    In addition, as if you could even be any more impressed by this amazing product, every Monkey product includes with a generous 2oz supply of their proprietary bubbly solution! This liquid is used alongside the Monkey O to create huge vapor bubbles that gracefully float like butterflies and sting like...well, very steamy and spherical butterflies, before dropping to the floor and bursting in an incredibly satisfying plume of vapor. Not since the Housing Crisis has bursting your own bubble been so much fun!

    Of course, an incredible degree of attention to detail goes into turning these products into works of art; each and every glass Monkey O are carefully molded and shaped into a beautiful hand-blown glass masterpiece. The "Clear" edition is honed and polished down to a crystal clear finish that seamlessly doubles as a eye-catching and conversation-starting centerpiece; the "Orange" version has had the inner wall carefully refined and infused with pure silver -- not only does this give the Monkey O a dazzling finish right out of the box, but will begin to change hues and shades over time (for a fully noticeable color-change, real smoke should be used with the "Orange" version for an extended period of time).

    This product does not carry any warranty and we only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).

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