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Monkey O's Kit (Glow in the Dark)

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Monkey O's Kit (Glow in the Dark)

From the moment they were announced, Monkey O's found immediate traction with a massive number of vapers and smokers alike -- never did they know, or even imagine, just how entertaining vapor can really be! 

Before mankind was graced with the divine gift that is Monkey O's, blowing vapor rings took not only a highly refined technique and oddly specific skillset, but also hours and hours of carefully practicing how to get nic'd out as quickly as possible (yep, fun times).

But gone are the days of paltry rings and pitiful o's! Monkey O's are finally ready to be enjoyed by any and all peoples of any and all ages or experience levels -- from the moment you break open the eco-friendly minimal packaging, you are moments away from chucking impressively sized vape rings across entire rooms, flicking around big bubbles that swish and swerve in spellbinding patterns, or even watching as unsuspecting bystanders are bombarded by another's well-aimed projectiles -- all done in good fun, of course (or hey, maybe not -- if being mildly distracting makes you happy, never let the haters tell you it's "too annoying" or "it's really childish" or "if you do that again, I'm leaving you").

Now, Monkey O's would be remiss if they didn't add just a touch more pizzazz to this attention-catching conversation piece: included with every Monkey product is a generous 2oz supply of their proprietary bubbly solution! This liquid is used alongside the Monkey O to create huge vapor bubbles that gracefully skim, skate, and scurry alongside the supporting air before daintily dipping and diving downwards, hitting the floor in an incredibly satisfying "poof!" (sound effects optional and provided by user). So, you hardcore vape tricksters out there better get ready for a severe upstaging at your next trick comp -- don't be too shocked when your opponent starts blowing bubbles in your face and the judges just start throwing prize money at them.

Besides, who even needs lightbulbs anyway when this special edition Monkey O makes all other light sources completely and totally irrelevant -- well, at least ever so slightly redundant. Made of high quality and highly durable polyethylene, these particular Monkey O models have a very cool glow-in-the-dark treatment that makes finding this contraption in the dark easier than finding the Sun at high noon.

This product does not carry any warranty and we only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).

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