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MONKEY O's is a small self-initiated start-up company founded out of Gainesville, FL. Their first release, the Monkey O, was an immediate success; a massive number of vapers and smokers alike quickly came out of the woodwork to proclaim just how entertaining blowing steam can really be!

This incredibly unique, extremely functional, and downright fun product assists even the most amateur of vapers in blowing perfectly formed and consistently impressive vapor rings! So no more hours wasted by practicing self-made smokey O-rings (with a camera rolling, no less, ready to upload the first sign of success directly to Youtube), this is one activity that is easy to learn and even easier to master!

All Plastic Monkey O's are made of a high quality, highly durable plastic and are available in a variety of colors; all Glass Monkey O's are carefully sculpted into a beautiful color-changing hand-blown glass masterpiece.

The Standard Monkey product also includes at no extra charge a generous 2oz supply of their proprietary bubbly solution; this liquid is used alongside the Monkey O to create huge vapor bubbles that fascinate as they float freely and excite as they explode on impact!

It doesn't matter whether you try this giggle-inducing device for yourself or simply eye its entertaining creations, the Monkey O is a geniously designed piece of entertainment that is surprisingly easy for people of all ages to enjoy for hours on end!

Monkey O's

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