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The electronic cigarette revolution can perhaps best be described as an e-cigarette evolution.  Only a decade ago, the first prototypes were making worldwide headlines, and many people wrote them off as a bizarre technological fad that wouldn't gain much traction.  Today, however, the vape industry is a $2 billion enterprise, and vaping technology becomes more advanced and more sophisticated with each new vaping device. Such an active and dynamic atmosphere requires retailers just as versatile and expansive. At Electric Vapor Cigarettes, we're committed to staying informed of the latest APVs and vape gear as we remain on the cutting edge of this rapidly growing e-cigarette marketplace. This means constantly researching, testing and unveiling the latest vapes and newest product lines representing the ultimate in vaping innovation.  From mechanical to regulated and all the accessories in-between, the newest vape devices continue to put previous generations to shame, and much like the latest smartphone or tablet, they introduce us to features and specifications that we never even knew we needed!

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