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In the past decade, the evolution of vaping devices has taken an impressive turn from  to technological marvels. One feature ubiquitous among modern APVs is Temperature Control: this advanced mode of operation allows users to throttle the maximum temperature of their coil, achieving a much more stable and enjoyable vapor experience. However, this mode is only compatible with Nickel (Ni200) and Titanium (Ti) heating elements, not the traditional Kanthal A-1 (KA-1) found in the majority of atomizer heads. Thankfully, we have a full assortment of Nickel and Titanium heads ready for you to enjoy! These heads are available for a multitude of various sub-ohm tanks and devices, ranging from Aspire's Atlantis to Vaporesso's cCells, all at an extremely competitive price!

Nickel & Titanium Coils (Temp Sensing)

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