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Pod vapes, or pod mods, are the ultimate in vaping convenience! These pint-sized pocket-friendly powerhouses use individual pods or cartridges housing a small coil and filled with e-liquid to produce the satisfying vapor we know and love. While not bogged down by the countless settings and functions of other more advanced vapes, pod mods like the Suorin Drop and Mi-Pod Portable Pod System, all offer super simple one-button or even zero-button operation! Some devices utilize refillable pods that can be replenished using your own mid- to high-PG e-liquids. You can also use high nicotine e-juice made with nicotine salts for the ultimate in satisfaction efficiency. Other devices use disposable closed-system cartridges that are prefilled with a proprietary delicious flavor profile, or pre-prepared versions of some of your premium flavors. Considering the extreme portability, mess-free convenience, and satisfying kick of pod systems, it's obvious why that pod vapes are a top choice among beginners and experts alike.

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