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Primero RDA by Vapergate (24mm / 30mm)

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SALE PRICE: $22.00
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Primero RDA by Vapergate (24mm / 30mm)

Introducing the Primero RDA from Vapergate! Sporting a unique airflow system that is as leak-resistant as it is efficient, this one-of-a-kind inside-out airflow gathers air from underneath the deck, scooping it upwards and outwards through the dual airholes in the center post. The center post can be interchanged with two other posts included with the Primero RDA and the dual cyclops air intake slots incorporate an AFC ring, allowing users full control over their airflow—this also lends to the Primero RDA a substantial degree of leak resistance (short of turning it upside-down).

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  • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Polished Finish
    • Modern Heatfin Design
    • Threaded Top Cap Closure
  • Velocity-Style Build Deck
    • Milled Negative 
    • Keyed Positive
    • Gold-Plated Grub Screws
    • Airflow Post in Center
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow
    • Cyclops Airflow Intake
      • Removable AFC Ring Incorporated Into Base
    • Inside-Out Center Post Airflow
      • Three Interchangeable Center Posts
        • Different Airflow Sizes
        • Press-Fitted
    • Leak-Resistant Design
  • Copper 510 Positive Pin
  • Two Wide Bore Acrylic 810 Drip Tips Included 
  • Diameter: 24mm -or- 30mm

Box Contents

  • 1x Primero RDA by Vapergate
    • 1x Installed Center Airflow Post (Medium)
  • 1x XL T-Style Allen/Phillips Wrench
  • 2x Replacement Center Airflow Posts (Small, Large)
  • 4x Spare Grub Screws
  • Spare O-Rings

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs, RDAs, etc.) are ADVANCED USER PRODUCTS and ARE NOT recommended for average users or beginners.  The use and knowledge of how to properly test for shorts with a multimeter is a very important factor when building your own coils and wicks.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS.

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