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There are few manufacturers of mechanical mods and RDAs with such an apparent dedication to impeccable aesthetics and superb functionality—for the few that do fall into this group, the products they release are without a doubt absolute works of art that attract an equal number of incredulous stares and envious glares.Winner of London Vape Show 2017

Purge Mods falls neatly under this characterization, creating outstanding pieces of mechanical vaping hardware designed to not only skyrocket your performance in competitions, but also retain incredible ease of use for everyday vaping.

As a maker of primarily mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers, Purge Mods creates sheer mettle from mere metal: each mech mod and RDA is carefully engraved with deep stylish CNC etchings for an amazing addition to any vaper's collection. 

The incredibly svelte designs etched into Purge's high quality RDAs such as the Headshot and Silencer as well as mech mods such as the Serenity Koi, See No Evil, & Executioner—among many others—ensure that you won't be picking up just another mech mod or dripper, you'll be investing in a lifelong conversation piece and artistic masterpiece.

Purge Mods

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