R2 MOD & Button Cleaning Tool by Comp Lyfe

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This product does not carry any warranty and we only guarantee that you will not…


This product does not carry any warranty and we only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).


R2 MOD & Button Cleaning Tool || Comp Lyfe

Polishing your Mech MODs is the easiest way to bring life back to your favorite setups of yesteryear.  However, doing so by hand can be quite a monumental task, especially if you have quite a number of devices that need their shine back.  In comes the R2 MOD & Button Cleaning Tool by Comp Lyfe!  Designed to attach to your drill, this item drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to revive that mirror shine!

Directions (R2 MOD Tool)

Twist your top cap counterclockwise until the threads fall into place, then screw clockwise until securely tightened. It is important to make sure the cleaning tool is screwed flush to the top cap. If polishing, hold your Comp Cloth (or other cleaning rag) on the mod and turn your drill on. If you have severe scratches, try using a Scotch Brite pad in place of the Comp Cloth.

WARNING: Keep threads lubricated to prevent the tool from becoming stuck on your top cap. Do not cross thread while screwing tool to the top cap.  

Directions (Button Tool)

Do not over tighten the button to the tool.  If the button doesn't seem to fit the tool, don't force it.  Use plenty of 3-in-1 oil on all threads before using.

NOTE: Button Tool is compatible with Avid Lyfe Buttons ONLY!


  • Compatibility:
    • R2 MOD Tool - Compatible with all Comp Lyfe Mech and most 510 Threaded Mechs
    • Button Tool - Compatible with Avid Lyfe Buttons ONLY
  • Designed To Attach To Drill For Easy Cleaning
  • Knurled Grip
  • 510 Threading
  • Rubber O-Ring On Bottom
    • Protects Top Cap from Scratches
  • Ratcheted Bottom
    • For Unscrewing Tool From Top Cap

Box Contents

  • 1x R2 MOD Tool -OR- Button Tool

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