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Sapphyre Nic is a concentrated nicotine additive that boosts your e-liquid nicotine strength to exactly your preferred level. Available in 1mL or 2mL sizes with 10% and 20% concentrations, each serving of Sapphyre Nic is packaged in an FDA certified lab and contained within a small plastic vial—perfect for transporting anywhere you may need it.

Need help finding the size you need? No problem! Simply use the dosage calculator below to find the exact quantity that's perfect for your bottle of e-juice.

  1. Enter the amount of e-liquid you're starting with.
  2. Enter the nic. strength of the e-liquid
  3. Enter your desired final nicotine strength for your e-juice.
  4. Click outside the text fields to calculate your result.
  5. Add this specified amount to your bottle of e-liquid.
  6. Shake well!
  7. Vape away!

Refresh the page to reset the calculator!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a highly concentrated poisonous substance intended for dilution before use. Do not ingest directly. Wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when handling this product. If contact is made with the skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with warm water. Use the full recommended amount—dispose of any remainder along with the plastic vial immediately.

Sapphyre Nic

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