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Silvanusa 70W Stabilized Wood Box MOD by Asmodus

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SALE PRICE: $169.00
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We do NOT provide any warranty coverage on this product. 30-Day Warranty coverag…


We do NOT provide any warranty coverage on this product. 30-Day Warranty coverage is provided by Asmodus directly.


Silvanusa 70W Stabilized Wood Box MOD by Asmodus

The Silvanusa 70W is the result of a collaborative effort between asMODus and Ultron. The Silvanusa is a new box mod powered by the GX70 Chip and composed of stabilized wood that can go up to 70-watts max in power mode, with accurate temperature control.

The Silvanusa is made of stabilized wood which is less prone to warping and cracking than natural, untreated wood. Stabilized wood is more durable, far more colorful, and much less likely to develop problems in the future, all while boasting a unique design. The stabilized wood will surely catch anyone's attention. Asmodus is proud to announce that we are the first company to produce stabilized wood mods which are affordable enough to be purchased at a local shop. This allows the consumer to fully view the items beauty without having to purchase the item. The Silvanusa will be available in a variety of colors.

Integrated at the top of the device is a silver-plated, spring-loaded connection allowing any 510-compatible atomizer to be conveniently attached with great conductivity. On the control face, you’ll find a large stainless steel fire button and adjustment buttons as well as a USB port. There’s also a bright OLED screen that displays all the mod’s current information including resistance, voltage, battery percentage, wattage/temperature, mode and puff counter.

The Silvanusa is equipped with a GX70 chip and can control temperature from 200°F to 600°F (100-300°C). It features five different working modes: Bypass, power and three variable temperature control modes; titanium (Ti), nickel (Ni200) and stainless steel (SS316). The mod can fire atomizers with resistance down to 0.08Ω in temperature mode to ensure it works with a wide variety of tanks or builds.

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  • Constructed using Stainless Steel / Stabilized Natural Maple
  • Powered by GX70 chipset
  • Accepts Single 18650 Battery
    • Bottom-Load Battery Bay Cover
      • Twist to Lock/Unlock 
  • Power Mode:
    • Wattage Range: 1W - 70W
    • Resistance Range: 0.08 ohm - 3.0 ohm
  • Temperature Mode:
    • Temperature Range: 100°C - 300°C (200°F - 600°F)
    • Resistance Range: 0.08 ohm - 1.0 ohm
    • Supports:
      • Nickel (Ni200)
      • Titanium (Ti)
      • Stainless Steel (SS316)
  • Bypass Capable
  • OLED Display
  • Micro-USB Port
    • Front-Mounted
  • Silver-Plated Spring-Loaded Positive Pin
  • Safety Protection Suite:
    • High Temp
    • Short Circuit
    • Low Voltage
  • Serialized
  • Dimensions: 83.2mm x 40.1mm x 24.3mm

NOTE: Each stabilized wood mod is made from genuine maple and will contain natural imperfections and graining. Coloration will vary from unit to unit and pictures are depicted for general visualizational purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Understanding how to handle and care for Lithium type batteries is very important and should always be practiced.  Lithium type batteries are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or flame if mishandled.  DO NOT charge your batteries overnight or while unattended for a prolonged period of time!  Always charge your batteries in a fire-proof surface/area and DO NOT expose them to high temperatures (e.g. inside your car).  DO NOT expose the battery's terminals to metal objects or immerse in water/liquid.  We are not responsible for any damage if there is any misuse, abuse or modification of the batteries and/or chargers in any shape or form (including pack making).  Furthermore, Electric Vapor Cigarettes LLC (a.k.a. will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, property damage, or defect that is caused by misuse, abuse or modification of Lithium batteries and/or chargers. We do NOT provide any warranty coverage on this product. 30-Day Warranty coverage is provided by Asmodus directly.

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