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SMAX E-Liquid | E-Juice


Based out of Santa Clara, California, SMAX Juice was created by the dynamic duo of Roni Nisnisan and Tyra Pham, also known as the artist, Tyra From Saigon. Tyra has branded several companies over the past decade as well as a few of her own, and has an innate ability to please the crowd with her designs and concepts. Roni serves as SMAX’s supreme juice chef - before entering the e-juice world, he worked many years in bio-tech labs which gave him access to lab supplies and equipment. Tyra wanted to create something new for the market, as she saw that many of the e-juice lines lacked an aesthetically unique product. She was tired of seeing droppers in the same generic glass bottles, so she convinced Roni to have SMAX juice be dispensed in a clean white pump even though he was hesitant at first. Tyra's intention with the pump bottles was to provide convenience for dripping, as well as express a sense of stylized simplicity. Since SMAX's release on July 18th, 2014, we hope that this product has offered you a vaping experience that you’ve never had before.


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