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Smok TFV12 Atomizer Coil Heads (3pcs)

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SKU: 270300
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    TFV12 Q4 | X4 | T6 | T8 | T12 | T14 Atomizer Coil Heads (3pcs) | Smok

    Bigger. Badder. Even more impressive—the Smok TFV12 is ready to put the final word in on the RDA vs Sub-Ohm Tank debate. A certifiable behemoth with insane performance, legendary airflow, and unbelievably rich and pure flavor—the likes of which were seen previously only in the most expertly built drippers. Now, exceptional vaping is easier to achieve than ever before with the Smok TFV12 coils!

    Just as a dripper needs the right build, the Smok TFV12 needs the perfect replacement coils! Thankfully, Smok has done all the hard work for us: currently available are four completely unique types of high performance replacement atomizer heads designed to withstand even the loftiest echelons of wattage output without breaking so much as a wire sweat.

    With a variety of heads available with a diverse collection of features highlighted by each one, you're sure to find the perfect one for your vaping style! Whether you pick up the flavor-friendly V12-Q4s and vape away on distinctly rich, pure flavor all day, or you go straight to the V12-T12, more than capable of converting up to 350W of power into thick, voluminous plumes of steam easily rivalling the clouds sourced from even the most overpriced/overhyped RDAs.

    For lazy days spent at home with video games/hobbies/TV, feel free to enjoy your favorite (albeit somewhat inconvenient) dripper. For everywhere else, however, enjoy the exceptional cloudage, purely outstanding taste, and incredible convenience you've come to adore in Smok's most well-designed sub-ohm tank to date: the Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank Atomizer.

    Price is for three (3) replacement coils.


    • V12-Q4
      • 0.15Ω
      • Wattage: 60W - 190W
        • Best: 90W - 160W
      • Quad Coil
    • V12-X4
      • 0.15Ω
      • Wattage: 60W - 220W
        • Best: 100W - 170W
      • Quad Coil
    • V12-T6
      • 0.16Ω
      • Wattage: 90W - 320W
        • Best: 120W - 180W
      • Sextuple Coil
    • V12-T8
      • 0.16Ω
      • Wattage: 70W - 320W
        • Best: 120W - 200W
      • Octuple Coil
    • V12-T12
      • 0.12Ω
      • Wattage: 60W - 350W
        • Best: 130W - 200W
      • Duodenary Coil
    • V12-T14
      • 0.12Ω
      • Wattage: 80W - 350W
        • Best: 120W - 200W

    WARNING: This tank uses sub-ohm resistance coils which your device may not support safely. Due to the increased risk when used incorrectly, extra safety precautions should be practiced when using a sub ohm tank. This tank will only work on devices capable of firing sub ohm resistances and handling high amp loads. For mechanical mod users, please use batteries capable of 30A continuous or higher. If you're using a regulated mod, make sure both it and your batteries can handle the amperage. Improper use can lead to injury or damage. Take extra care to check with your ohm meter, ohms law calculator and amperage drain in order to stay safe! If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us by email.

    Consumable Item. No warranty, refunds or exchanges allowed. We only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).

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