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Snozz E-Liquid | E-Juice


Get ready to experience fruity tooty flavor unlike any other! Sourced straight from the jungles of Timbuktu and flown right over the Atlantic Ocean using only the most capable of albatrosses, snozzberries are one of the world's most elusive, most sought-after, and most nonsensical species of fruit to ever exist. Thankfully, the makers of Schwartz caught a box of them as it "fell off" a truck driven by strangely tan dwarves on its way to a certain chocolate factory; if anyone could bring out the perfectly aromatic notes and impossible-to-pinpoint palette of fresh snozzberries, it's the guys at Schwartz! And bring it out they did, with three different ways to enjoy this exotic fruit! The original Snozzberry presents it as it is: fresh, poignant, and impossible to put down! Snozz Cream builds on this base, adding rich and delicious vanilla creme to mellow out the snozzberry's bright notes. And finally, last but certainly not least, Snozz Gurt throws a handful of snozzberries into a vat of freshly made Greek yogurt for an exceptionally smooth flavor!

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