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Space Jam E-Liquid – Yamato

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    Space Jam E-Liquid - Yamato

    *Ding!* Oh, that must be the muffins. You slide into the kitchen and carefully open the hot door guarding your labors of love. An instant and overwhelming wave of hot, pastry-infused air rises up and sends you reeling backwards, but that won't be nearly enough to stop you just yet. You put on two long tubular mittens before wrapping your limbs around the hot handles of the pan and slowly removing it from the heat. The rich and dense scent of freshly baked goodness is simply too much to resist. You select one of your favorite laser-knives and remove a single muffin, meticulously cutting it open to reveal the freshly imported and still-steaming blueberries packed inside.

    Carefully washing two of your tentacles in cleansing sulphuric acid beforehand, you hold a small piece of pastry up to your armpit-mouth and take a bite (yum!) before rolling your Atmo-Armor back down and absentmindedly gazing out the window. The planet's two moons slowly dance in the sky, reflecting light from the neighboring neutron star and illuminating countless spaceships zooming away into that infinite blackness. You sigh and take another bite of your scrumptious creation. If only there were a way to send some of this freshly baked deliciousness to the more primitive species struggling in the galaxy. You've heard before that there were some species without so much as a single faster-than-light ship or even a basic quantum computer, but honestly, such stories seem impossibly far-fetched.

    Flavor Profile: Blueberry | Muffin

    30/70 PG / VG Ratio

    Choose from 0mg, 3mg, & 6mg Nicotine Strength.

    Available in 60mL glass dropper bottles.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  This product may contain nicotine and it should always be kept away from children and pets.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you shake the bottle well before use.

    No warranty or exchanges allowed due to sanitary and safety reasons. See Warranty section for details.

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