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The EZ Dripper

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The EZ Dripper

Dripping and driving is a big no-no -- on that, we can all agree. But no one should have to choose between their vape and their safety. That's where the EZ Dripper comes in. A true lifesaver, this ingenious device attaches to any slick surface such as a window, windshield, or dashboard via a hefty suction cup and allows users to quickly drip hands-free. When at a complete stop and it is safe to do so, simply place your RBA underneath the plastic nozzle and push upwards directly on the nozzle with your RBA to deliver a generous squirt of deliciousness straight to your coils with no fussing, cussing, mess, or stress.  The EZ Dripper removable bottle can store 15mL of juice and it comes with a cap which allows for portable storage in your pocket / purse!


  • Plastic / Metal Construction
  • 15mL Capacity
    • Removable / Portable Storage Bottle
  • Suction Mount
    • Adjustable Hinge
  • Companion Mobile App
    • Available for iOS only (for now...)

How It Works

Simply place the device on a slick, nonporous surface and press down on the tab to lock it in place. Next, unscrew the knob counterclockwise to adjust the angle of the sleeve. Then, tighten the knob to set your preferred angle and place the bottle into the sleeve. Now you are ready to refill your atomizer. To refill your bottle, simply grab any clean straw-shaped rod and press down the white ring inside the bottle. For a better understanding, check out the helpful Youtube video below!

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT drip while driving! We are not responsible for your driving habits so please use this product with extreme caution! 

EZ Dripper user manual (03:00)
This video shows how to use EZ Dripper.
  • EZ Dripper user manual
    This video shows how to use EZ Dripper.

This product does not carry any warranty and we only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).

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