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How to Vape Around the World in 2017 – Part Two: Locales & Housing

And here we are at Part Two of EVC's Guide to Vaping Around the World! If you've missed the last installment, you can find it right HERE—we covered the many ways people move themselves around the world and how you can make sure that your vape arrives with you safe and sound on the other [...]

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How to Vape Around the World in 2017 – Part One: Transportation

Whether it be by plane, train, automobile, or a pair of sneakers, sometimes you just need to get away from the stresses of everyday life and relax. Whether that be while nestled in warm sands, trekking through unknown terrains, or ordering inordinate amounts of food service, you not only need your time to relax, you [...]

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Vaping 101: Sub-Ohm Vaping

Introduction In the great big world of e-cigs, e-liquids, vapes and vapers, there's an equally diverse number of reasons why a vaper chose to pick up a vape for the first time, and why they continue to reach for it day after day. Some people vape for the satisfaction, knowing they're staying far away from the alternatives. Other [...]

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Vaping 101: Overview

Hello, and welcome to EVCigarette’s Overview to Vaping! Either you must be new here or you just want to learn more about vaping—either way, you’ll find more than enough knowledge and know-how below to get you well on your vaping journey. This guide is essentially your Guide to Vaping Success, designed to quickly run through [...]

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Vapers Get Their Prayer when The Hunter Gets His Prey

As I’m very sure you’re aware, the FDA’s newly enacted “deeming regulations” are upon us.  Deeming e-cigarettes as subject to the same stringent requirements as cigarettes, tobacco and e-cigarette manufacturers alike are required to submit a PMTA, an extensively expensive and time-consuming application with the projected purpose of preventing problems for the public populace from entering the marketplace [...]

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Vaping 101: RBAs

If you, like many other vapers, started on a cheap cigalike or tiny pen-style e-cigarette and have yet to switch to some of the newer types of setups, I have some unfortunate news for you: What you’ve been vaping sucks. Sorry, but it’s just one of those set-in-stone facts—granted, it’s still a subjective fact to most, but [...]

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Vaping 101: E-Liquid

E-liquid: we pick it up every few weeks (days?...hours?...OK, I’ll just grab some now), we love the amazing taste, the spot-on recreations they emulate, the big clouds they become with the press of a button—but, wait, where does this stuff even come from? What’s even in there, anyway? Great questions! Let’s dive deep into the [...]

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Vaping 101: Temperature Control

We've all been there: we set our vape down for but a minute—mentally noting that it tastes a little dry—but when we return for a quick hit after immediately tossing our mental Post-it note, it's a one-way ticket to dry hit city. If only there were some way to simply prevent such nasty mishaps and [...]

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Vaping 101: Atomizers

When you first open your starter kit or bundle of vaping hardware, all the different parts and components can seem overwhelming at first. Where does this go? What does this do? What is this even called, anyway? Don't worry, EVC is here to help! We've taken a look at two parts of your vaping setup [...]

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Lights, Camera, Call to Action! – Cole & Bishop Need YOU!

A new avenue for success has suddenly presented itself for vapers across the country, but we need YOUR help (yes, you!) before time runs out on this opportunity to reverse one of the largest roadblocks preventing the e-cigarette industry from blossoming as it would (and should)! This recently realized path to victory? The Cole-Bishop bipartisan bill [...]

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