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Taking the FDA to Court

In a landmark lawsuit filed in the District Court of Washington DC, NicoPure Labs moved for summary judgment against the United States Food and Drug Administration regarding their latest regulations on e-cigarettes. This motion calls into question not only the legality of the Agency’s latest rules deeming e-cigarettes -- which includes all relevant parts and components -- strictly as tobacco [...]

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Battery Safety Guide

In 2013, nearly 2.55 billion (that’s right, with a “b”) 18650 cells were manufactured worldwide, and as vaping becomes increasingly prevalent, the use of these types of batteries increases proportionally. As vapers, we know that there are important yet simple steps to be taken in order to get as safe as possible when using these high performance Li-ion batteries. Choosing [...]

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Pennsylvania’s 40% E-Cigarette Tax: Recouping Lost Revenue

Signed into law this past July by Governor Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania's latest tax reform bill incorporates HB1198, a 40% tax on “other tobacco products", in the annual State tax budget. This catch-all term that includes all vaping products, accessories, and other components intended for vaping usage, has been in effect as of October 1st alongside many other similarly restrictive [...]

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What Kind of Vaper Are You?

As vaping has become increasingly prevalent over the past few years, innovations and trends in e-cigarette technology have given rise to a uniquely structured subculture of vapers: from the lowly office worker becoming intrigued with clouds to a suburban soccer mom discovering the joys of rebuilding, vapers rarely remain the same throughout their journey and oftentimes evolve into something [...]

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Age Verification

As many of you may already know, the FDA's deeming regulations went into effect on August 8th, 2016, and age verification is now a requirement on all online orders of covered vape products. Guidance from the FDA was not given as to what extent this should be done, but we have deployed the age verification [...]

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Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini & Tron Sub-Ohm Tank - Joyetech's Hottest January Product

Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini & Tron Sub-Ohm TankSince 2007, Joyetech has released some of the best box mods on the market; year after year and device after device, Joyetech creates products that are not only exceptional and ultra reliable in their own right, but also set a new standard for competing manufacturers to strive to match. Additionally, not only do [...]

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E-Cig | Differentiating Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers

Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers - Oh, MyIn the last couple of years, the e-cig culture has grown rapidly. Electronic cigarettes now come in many different forms to cater to the numerous preferences of different vapers. You’ve probably heard of features like atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers on electronic cigarette models. What exactly is the difference between [...]

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Advice for Summer Vapers

Vaping and summer go hand in hand. There's nothing like enjoying an e-cigarette while strolling down the beach or relaxing in a shady park. There are many ways to improve a vaping experience during these hot months, as well as safety precautions to consider. While enjoying the long, sunny summer days, keep these simple tips [...]

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Electronic Cigarette | Try One of Our Quality APVs Today

Choosing the Right Electronic CigaretteThere is no denying that electronic cigarettes have come an amazingly long way in a relatively short amount of time. These days, there are countless devices, e-liquid flavors, and accessories on the market. There is a massive community of people who have fallen in love with vaping, and more are joining [...]

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E-Cig Flavors | Get the Most Performance Out of Your E-Cig

Create Your Dream Electronic Cigarette SetupElectronic cigarettes have come an incredibly long way in a short time period. Today, there are many devices, e-cig flavors, and other accessories to choose from. Hobbyists love building their own vape setups, and advanced personal vaporizers are getting more and more high-tech every day. E-cig users have the ability [...]

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