Git to da Choppa! – The Predator Is HERE

Posted by Mitch Clarke on 31st Mar 2017

The Wismec Predator is HERE!

The Predator is here and dug in like an Alabama tick! 

If anything is true about Sinuous Designs, it's that they like to fire back and fire back hard. And when SMOK released their acclaimed Alien Kit, they knew they had to have a good comeback to such an obvious challenge. After an extended stay in their R&D lab, they've come back with the answer: the Wismec Predator 228 Box Mod! Ready to go toe-to-toe with SMOK's champion of vaping, this vape machine is armed to the teeth with such impressive functionality, even Ahnold wouldn’t stand a chance!

The Wismec Predator utilizes a protective armor made of durable zinc armor that will withstand almost any frontal assault you come across. This mod accepts two 18650 batteries in the bottom-mounted battery bay, keeps them working at peak performance with gold-plated contacts for optimum conductivity, and secures them behind a locking sliding-hinge bay door for unprecedented security and battery safety. While charging your plasma battery cells in an external charger is highly recommended, the Predator comes equipped with a front-mounted micro-USB port possessing an elevated 2A max current that makes short work of long battery lives, recharging your cells in record time, and is incredibly easy to connect to your PC/inferior Apple product for quick installations of any future firmware updates. The Predator is also compatible with the optional Avatar RC Adapter that allows you to utilize your mod as a versatile power bank—a very useful feature for vapers accustomed to lugging around their LUC charger just for its power bank capabilities.

Borrowing tried-and-true tech from a previous high-powered release, Wismec incorporated the same efficient chipset as the RX300 box mod, garnering excellent performance across all resistances, especially ones of a higher ohm than usual—a welcome addition for connoisseurs of colossal coils. Endowing the Predator 228 with up to 228 watts of pure unadulterated power and an extensive temperature control module for superior vaping options, Wismec even included two additional features—a Preheat function as well as a Bypass Mode —that provide even more functionality for this impressive device. Never one to enter combat without knowing every available detail on their opponent, all it takes is a glance at the Predator’s large and technologically advanced OLED display to learn all you need to know about your vape, as well as input your own settings via the front-mounted rocker buttons. Of course, this is the Predator we’re talking about, so naturally, Wismec included a super sleek stealth mode that will have any and all challengers completely unaware of your arrival until it’s far too late. And just in case your opponent gets a momentary upper hand by stealing your primary weapon, the Predator has an unprecedented ergonomic stealth firing bar that is incredibly easy to use for its owner, but will keep any others bewildered.

The Predator knows the benefits of having someone watch your 6, so it isn’t fighting this battle alone: the Elabo is ready to tag in at any time! This high-performance sub-ohm tank is constructed using high quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass for incredible durability and endurance. Capable of holding up to 4.9mL of juice so you’re never left without ammunition when you need it most, the top-fill mechanism covering the large top-fill port ensures you won’t accidentally dump your magazine in the heat of battle—simply remove the included drip tip (or any one of your favorites), slide the top cap to reveal the top-fill port, refill your tank, slide the top closed and replace the drip tip, then revel in the joys of a full ammo clip. And with the wide open airflow integrated into this atomizer, it’s easier than ever to push clouds as big as the incoming extraterrestrial warships.

I know, I know, this all sounds ridiculous, but it’s true: the invading Predator army has arrived, and they are striking down the competition with extreme prejudice and little warning. When faced with such an obvious display of combat expertise and technological advantage, there’s really little you can do—so don’t bother making your way to the emergency shelters, don’t even waste time running from invading warships as they land—simply give in to the demands of your new Predator overlords and pray they will have mercy.