How to Vape Around the World in 2017 – Part Three: Venues & Activities

Posted by Mitch Clarke on 27th Sep 2017

Now that we've covered the many places you can visit while traveling abroad and the many ways you can get there, it's time to take a look at the many things you can do while you're traveling around the world and how you can best incorporate your vape in your international escapades.


Music Festivals

There's nothing quite like a good music festival. From when you first see your favorite artist in the lineup to when you're finally dragging your belongings back to your car, the whole process is nothing short of magic. And millions of people are inclined to agree—all around the world, festivals are in full force and show no signs of stopping.

But to make your time at the event as enjoyable as possible, you've gotta make sure that your vape can get in and stay safe, too! No sweat, though (there's plenty of time for that as you dance your way through the crowds); here's some simple guidelines that will help you keep your vape safe while you're partying your face off.

Ensure that e-cigarettes/APVs are allowed into the venue and check for any extra requirements

Typically, event organizers are foresighted enough to realize that of all the substances floating through the venue entrance, nicotine is one of the more benign, and people have the right to consume that however they wish. However, because each event is unique with its own target demographic, there may be particular requirements about bringing APVs, refillable devices, designating outdoor/indoor usage, etc.

Before you start packing up your gear, it's best to double-check the list of allowed items provided on the venue's webpage—the event organizers are usually more than happy to clarify in big bold font which supplies you can't bring and exactly how you can't bring them. Here's some specifics on some of the more stringent policies on e-cigarettes:

  • EDC and Sunset Music Fest allow e-cigs, but require that the tank is empty and e-liquid bottles are sealed when entering the grounds.
  • Diplo's Mad Decent Block Party banned most accessories like vapes, kandi, and totems—so, anything that could differenciate festival attendees from the state's homeless populace.
  • Coachella allows disposable, non-refillable and/or mid-sized vapes anywhere, but banned larger box mods/APVs and juice bottles.
  • EverAfter only allows non-refillable vapes, and only allows their use in designated areas.

Keep your device clean and dirt‐free

Music festivals are notoriously dusty, especially in hot, dry places like Nevada where festivals such as EDC and Burning Man call home—don't be shocked if you end up bringing 3lbs of the fairgrounds home with you in your luggage and shoes.

An easy way to assure your device stays in working order by the time you start heading home is to prevent dirt from getting into your device where it can cause all sorts of circuitry mayhem. Keep your device spic and span by picking up some micro-USB port plugs and/or drip tip covers to keep sand and such where it belongs, as well as regularly checking and cleaning your 510 threadings, battery bay, etc.

Bring plenty of extra batteries/large external battery pack

  • Bring both if you can, in case one runs out
  • Keep any extra cells in a protective battery case

Keep extra gear in locker or locked case

People can be kind of the worst, especially at music festivals for some reason. But that's ok. Even if there are people ready to snatch your vape the second you turn your back, there's plenty of steps you can take to ensure that your vape stays in your possession for the entirety of your musically fueled experience.

If you're at a festival where you'll be staying overnight in a tent, the event organizers will most likely provide the option of renting lockers nearby.

Do so!

Even if there's a sizable rental fee, it's well worth it. Festival lockers are just about the safest place for your belongings while you're out exploring (aside from your car, if you're lucky enough to be attending a festival where you can park your vehicle right next to your camping spot) and the cost of renting a locker is always less than buying a whole new vape setup.

If you've invested in your own personal lock box or container that you can keep near your other belongings, good idea! Just make sure that your case/locker is tied down somewhere and can't just be taken whole!

In addition, you're going to want to bring your vape with you as you're walking around the venue, that's only natural. While it's not in your hand, it's a good idea to keep it stored in your backpack, but it's important to remain wary of potential theft! Fastening locks to the zippers of your backpack is a quick and easy way to make sure that no one can go rummaging through your things while you're dancing the night away.



An increasing number of localities are banning e-cig use from the public parks and trails scattered around the area. Double-check with your local/state government to clarify.


There has been talk of a nationwide ban on e-cigs in national parks—while this issue was raised in early January and defeated within the same month, it’s a good idea to check with each park's ranger service in order to get a comprehensive idea of how that particular park treats e-cigarette usage.

Theme Parks

Ahh, theme parks, the HQ of roller coasters, overpriced food, and quirky souvenirs. But while you're walking from attraction to attraction, of course you're going to want a vape! So where can you blow clouds while on the premises? Can your vape even make it past the front gates through security screening? 

Well, good news, most theme parks don't have any problems allowing visitors to bring their vapes with them while they visit one of the happiest places on Earth. A good rule of thumb, however: unless it's been explicitly allowed, it's best to keep vaping to designated smoking areas.

  • Disney

    • Only allows vaping in smoking areas
    • However, employees don't seem to really mind the occasional cloud as long as it isn't done obnoxiously
  • Universal

    • Vaping technically only permitted in smoking areas
    • Be careful—a visitor's e-cig has malfunctioned on the grounds in the past, releasing a (strangely appropriate) fireball while the vaper was on a Harry Potter ride.
  • Seaworld

    • Only allows vaping in smoking areas
  • Busch Gardens

    • Has designated areas for smoking and vaping
    • There are reports of smokers, but not vapers, being kicked out of nonsmoking areas
  • Six Flags

    • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), is permitted only in areas identified as Designated Smoking Areas



So you're going camping!

...oh, no, wait, don't cry. Hey, I get it. When braving the great outdoors for the first time in many, many months, choosing which hardware to bring along and which to spurn when you leave it at home can be a heart-wrenching experience.

But sometimes, that 250W 3+ battery cell regulated brick mod isn't the best tool for the job. It's important to consider the benefits of each of your devices and how they could potentially affect your trip, such as whether it's better to use a single battery cell each day or three cells every two days.

Naturally, it's a good idea to bring the smallest device you can bear to carry—a lightweight, easily pocketed form factor to your vape will be paramount to hiking effortlessly through the forests and mountains. In addition, a long battery life will be crucial for full enjoyment of your vape throughout your entire trek.

So, unless you'll have a generator onsite, it's an exceedingly good idea to pack some extra batteries or a large battery pack for your mod when facing the harsh and unforgiving wilderness. With no wall outlets in the boulders nor USB ports in the tree trunks, you'll need a way to carry and store an electrical charge for your device.


Vapes hate sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Don't worry, though! You can still enjoy sandy sand and sunny Suns by following these easy-peasy steps for keeping your vape safe while having fun in the sun:

Secondary Setup

Just like you wouldn't run into the waves wearing your favorite sunglasses, it's a good idea to minimize any potential risk by removing the victims of said risk. So, rather than running the chance of a seagull snatching your vape after he kicks sand in your eyes and steals your girl, just leave your favorite vaping setup at home. Simply bring something that works well, leaves you satisfied, and should you happen to leave it somewhere, you won't stress too much about replacing it. The same advice also applies to choosing significant others.

Small Drip Tip

Don't give sand or water even a chance to get in your atomizer and cause all kinds of trouble. You can leave the wide bore drip tips at home and bring one of your lesser setups, or even just use the 510 drip tip adapter included with your atomizer.

Ziploc Bag

Ziplocs are a godsend—waterproof, airtight, and made right, these technological wonders will keep any stray particles, droplets and grains from making their way into your belongings. Perfectly sized for your mod, your juice, your phone, and anything else you'd like to keep clean and dry.

Minimal Refilling

While your dripper may be your pride, joy and the first recipient listed in your will, you may regret having to pick up bottles with sandy hands just to redrip over and over. Save yourself some frustration by bringing along something you only have to fill once in awhile such as a  sub-ohm tank or RTA.

Built-in Battery

Fewer compartments mean fewer places for sand to get into, and a battery bay is no exception. Rather than using wet hands to futz with bay doors and battery cells, how about including a device with a built-in LiPo in your next bundle of beach equipment.

Oh, What Things You'll Bring

The Vaping Gear You'll Definitely Need

  • Your second-favorite setup!

    • Let's face it: accidents happen. Glass breaks. Chips fail. Mods fall into toilets. All unforeseeable, unpreventable events that can shake your confidence in the days ahead to the very core. Just in case the worst of the worst should come to pass, it's better to lose your second favorite setup than your real everyday workhorse. If you've kept around any of your past devices, don't be afraid to shake off their dust and mend their now-broken faith in their usefulness to you—they'll make the best companions on your relaxation escapades.
  • Extra Juice

    • There's little more demeaning than having to scrape the sides of your bottle for the last remaining drops of juice. Make sure you can return home with your dignity intact by bringing more than enough juice to fuel your upcoming adventures. Just ensure that your destination country allows for you to bring e-juice at all (it's more than likely that it will, but it's still worth a double-check).
  • Unicorn Bottles

    • There's nothing worse than losing the rest of your juice to the unforgiving 1-2 combo of gravity and a hard place. Keep your juice where it belongs with a soft plastic unicorn bottle. Available in 10mL, 120mL, and every size in between, these marvels bounce where glass would break and skitter where glass would shatter. Just don't keep your juice in there forever: glass' inert nature makes it better for long-term storage, but the soft-natured mannerisms of plastic make it perfect for the short-lived turbulence of bumpy roads and rough travels.
  • Replacement Coils

    • Bring plenty of spare atomizer heads or prebuilt coils and wicks—should your installed coil suddenly go bad, it's better be safe with a few extras than sorry with a nasty vape =\ And if you're an RBA buff, you may not want to bring along your entire RBA rebuilding kit, but you'll want to at the very least include some of the more essential tools in your arsenal such as wire cutters and ceramic tweezers just in case an emergency rewicking is in order.
  • Battery Cases

    • If you'll be lugging along plenty of extra cells this summer (no, your love handles don't count...), you'll need to make sure that they stay safe and secure during your travels, and there's no better way to keep your cells free from harm than a case specifically made for that purpose! Rather than running the risk of your cells getting loose and wreaking havoc in the bowels of your chosen mode of transportation, seal them up tight with a high quality battery case!
  • Charger

    • Unless you find yourself seated in first class next to Tom Cruise and his electric personality on your next flight, you'll need a reliable way to recharge your APV batteries while on your next trip. Thankfully, there's no better way to charge your battery than the aptly named battery charger! Sporting a variety of shapes, sizes, and features, these dynamic static devices grease up lightning and throw it in a cell faster than a state prison's production of Grease. Some are smaller and more portable than others while others can hold more cells and charge them more quickly than some, so it's important to take into account where and how you'll be traveling in order to pick the perfect cell charging companion for your next journey.
  • Crush-Proof Case

    • It's no secret that airline baggage handlers aren't exactly the most coordinated bunch. Where you may see a fragile weekender bag or carefully organized suitcase, airline handlers have been carefully trained to recognize these items for what they truly are: practice horseshoes. Skidding and scooting your luggage against the rough pavement with all of the grace of a small child, these experts of elegance ensure that your possessions quickly make it onto the plane—whether they remain intact afterwards, however, is simply out of their jurisdiction. So why bother cluttering the minds of these fine athletes with such unnecessary details as careful handling and fragility? Put your own mind at ease with a crush-proof case for your most important belongs! Simply throw your batteries, mod, and juice in there and you'll never have to worry about whether your luggage handler finished his Wheaties today.
  • International Plug Adapter

    • No, this isn't something that makes your transition from home to Jamaica as smooth as possible—well, kind of, but not in the way you're thinking. While exploring beyond your country's borders, you may find yourself face-to-face with a confusing conundrum: some seriously weird wall outlets. You could always strip down the wire, stick each lead into random holes in the outlet, and generally hope for the best, but I don't think traveler's insurance safeguards against burning down your hotel. So instead of risking a small blaze running amok, find the standard outlet type for your destination(s) online and purchase an international outlet adapter that will fit.
  • Juice Pouch

    • If you'll be visiting the great outdoors on your next vacation, it can be difficult to carefully pack your glass bottles of juice in such a way that they both take up minimal space as well as limit the risk of the bottles breaking in your backpack. Of course, it used to be before...
    • ...the Juice Pouch! This marvelous piece of equipment keeps your juice organized neatly with protective bands that both secures bottles as well as ensures a smooth ride no matter how bumpy the road.
  • A Towel

    • Douglas Adams was much wiser than he let on—any and every traveler would be remiss without the most important tool in a hitchhiker's arsenal: the common bath towel. Capable of astounding feats of absorption, concealment, and protection, a towel is as versatile as a skeleton key in the houses of Congress.
      • Use this bad boy to clean up any stray spills over 13x faster compared to when using bare hands alone
      • Wrap your preciouses up in the cushioning and billowy folds of the towel's soft material, available in cotton or paper
      • Protect your skin from the Sun's harsh and judgemental glare (may not be as effective against mothers-in-law)
    • The possibilities are truly endless...


And with the final checklist above, we've reached the conclusion of this extensively comprehensive series on traveling with your vape successfully in tow. Of course, this information isn't static and will be updated regularly in order to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available, so feel encouraged to check back before making your next vacation plans! As always, remember to stay safe while exploring the world the vape way!