Vaping 101: Squonk Mods

Vaping 101: Squonk Mods

Posted by Mitch Clarke on 1st Dec 2017

A Squonkin' Brief History Lesson

Squonk mods—also called bottom-feeder mods—aren't named as such because of their less-than-reputable ways or acclimation for murky depths. Quite the opposite: these devices garner their namesake from their ability to use a specialized channel in the 510 positive pin of both the mod and the RDA to send juice stored below the atomizer flowing straight to your coil build.

At one point ages ago in vaping history—around 2011—squonk boxes were all the rage despite their hefty price point and relative scarcity. Drippers were relatively new at the time, so vapers welcomed the convenience-centric feature. But as more and more manufacturers neglected to include a squonk-ready positive pin with their RDAs, vapers saw no advantage to jumping through hoops just to squonk, so squonking fell out of favor as quickly as it emerged.

Thankfully, squonking is beginning to make a big comeback in a big way! While squonk mods were previously the jurisdiction of small-scale consumers-turned-manufacturers, big names such as Purge Mods and Lost Vape are throwing their hat into the ring this year, priming the market for the incoming explosion of squonk technology. And you're right at the forefront, how lucky for you!

How Do I Squonk?

If you've ever used a normal box mod, you're pretty much well on your way to being a bonafide squonker! Squonk mods are strikingly similar to any other type of box mod, whether it regulated or otherwise. Other components such as the battery sled where your battery cell is inserted thankfully remain untouched.

The only differences will be the bottle of juice cleverly incorporated into the squonk mod's chassis and the plastic tube running to the 510 connection sitting above. This bottle—available in a variety of food-safe materials such as PET and silicone—serves as the storage container for your juice, releasing it through the 510 positive pin with a simple squeeze and sending it rushing to the bottom of your dripper's deck.

Squeezing the bottle rarely, if ever, requires you to remove the door—typically, a cutout in the squonk mod's chassis revealing the side of the bottle can be used to apply pressure. Juice is sent straight to your wicks, saturating them thoroughly with nearly no effort at all!


Build Clean

Make sure your wicks aren't clogging the flood port or inaccessible by juice

It's no good if your juice can't even reach your wicks when it's released! Simply position your wicks near—but not on top of—the flood port, allowing juice to saturate them each equally. It also doesn't hurt to double-check if juice will get to all of your wicks by releasing a little juice beforehand and watching where it naturally gathers, then placing your wicks in those spots for flawless juice absorption.

Get your wicks hanging freely and your coil raised high enough

It's also equally important that you keep a clean house when you build coils for a squonk mod. Meaning, you don't want messily positioned wicks to awkwardly trap juice everywhere but where you want it, nor do you want to risk flooding your coils. Your wicks should just barely be touching the deck floor and the coil should be nice and high with a fair amount of space below it to help vapor collect densely.

Watch your positive pin material

Brass, copper, and silver will be the worst offenders, so avoid any squonk-ready positive pins made of these materials if you want your e-liquids to taste absolutely flawless. Stainless steel and gold on the other hand are extremely resistant to any kind of corrosion or weathering, so they're great choices for this application.

Carry Right

Hold your mod with fingers away from the juice bottle

This one is a no-brainer, you'd think, until you do it yourself and suck up a mouthful of e-juice. That's never fun. Just get in the habit now of keeping your fingers away from the bottle until you're fully ready to add some more delicious juice.

Don't store where bottle could get squeezed

Similarly, this one is pretty much common sense, but then again, so is carrying battery cells in a case and not in a pocket with loose change. I'll just cover it for those who might be unsure: don't store your squonk mod where it could get jostled, shoved, squeezed, or otherwise bullied, especially when it's being held in the same place as things you really don't feel like wiping a bunch of e-liquid off of.

Don't store in hot places

As much as it's a good idea to never keep your mod in an overly hot storage space—like a car interior on a hot day or the studio when I'm spitting bars—this is doubly true for squonk boxes. They have the same kind of potentially-explody battery cells, plus the added risk of plastics leeching from the juice bottle itself. Unless someone invents a new kind of extra-flexible glass, you may have to take your mod into the grocery store with you on those super sunny days.


+ No more dripping!

Let's be honest, who really likes the process of dripping? For all the ritual around it, it's kind of a hassle. Sure, great flavor is easier to coax out of an RDA than it is an RTA for a number of reasons: it's easier to build, easier to wick, the juice supply is always fresh from the bottle. But the trade-off between having great flavor and having to drip is a heartbreaking one for many vapers. But no longer do you have to choose between fresh flavor and ultimate laziness, thanks to the amazing powers of squonking!

+ No more overdripping!

Thanks to highly advanced Squonk technology, should you ever squeeze a little too much juice into your dripper, excess juice is automatically sucked back into squonk bottle. Yes, that's right, exactly like magic.

+ No more carrying around your bottle of e-juice in your pocket

Finally, you can say that it's NOT just a bottle of juice and you ARE happy to see them!

+ Never forget your juice at home

You're sitting at work or walking around while out and about when suddenly, you can tell by the sound and taste of your vape that a dry hit is imminent. "No biggie," you say, "it's the perfect time to refresh my flavor, anyway", as you reach for your favorite bottle of juice. But no matter where you grab in your pockets or on your desk, your hand comes up...well, empty-handed. Suddenly, it dawns on you: you must've left it at home!

We've all done this before, there's no shame in that. And if you say you haven't...well, it's okay, we all lie from time to time.

But owners of squonk mods can truthfully say "no way, José!" to that situation, as they always have their bottle of juice built right into the mod!

+ No more juicy hands!

Of all the mysterious substances in the universe, e-liquid is by far the most perplexing. It's a newtonian fluid, behaves like any other water-soluble solution, and is generally regarded as following the laws of physics. And yet, it is attracted to the outside of e-juice bottles like some kind of magnetic superfluid. And it seems to strike at only the most inopportune times, as if it...knows, somehow.

And when you go to pick up your bottle...that's when the juice attacks. Brutally. Drops of liquid sent flying wildly in splatter patterns, the scent of pennies strawberries in the air, the slick yet sticky feeling of juice between your hand and your mod.

So wipe down your bottle all you want, it'll just have more juice dribbling down the side within minutes. Minutes!

But with a squonk mod, there's no more worrisome bottle-handling or religious hand-washing. A squonk mod keeps its bottle locked up tight behind the bay door like some kind of wild animal. Right where it belongs.

+ Finally, DO drip and drive!

While we're being honest, I'm sure even the best of us can attest to the frustration of needing to drip while driving. Red lights becoming few and far between, bottles suddenly become slick with e-liquid, and bottle caps have never been so cumbersome.

But thanks to the astounding capabilities of squonking, it doesn't matter if you're driving a golf cart, a sports car, or your life into the ground. If you have a free hand, you can vape nonstop!

+ Optional 3rd party bottles available

Wish your squonk mod came with a silicone bottle rather than a plastic one? Or perhaps you yearn for a larger capacity? Well, you're in luck, as you aren't necessarily stuck with your stock bottle.


– Little regulation

No, I'm not talking about the state of e-cigarette regulation in general!

Traditionally, squonk mods have been—for the most part—unregulated. There have been a few outliers, such as the Palm BF DNA75C, but when it comes down to it, manufacturers don't feel like trying to make a battery, a bottle, AND a circuit board fit inside a squonk mod's compact chassis.

So, most squonk mods are going to cater to mechanically inclined vapers sick of dripping, but still looking for great flavor.

This isn't necessarily a con, as this may be a plus for a vaper who's most comfortable with mech mods, but it could also be a disappointment to fledgling vapers who have yet to learn about rebuilding.


The bottle is only so big!

Unfortunately, this isn't the year 3030, so bottles with infinite volume are a little beyond our grasp just yet. That means that the bottles we put in our squonks have to run out eventually! While the 5mL to 10mL capacity is respectable in its own right, it can be a messy hassle to remove and refill the squonk bottle.

There are specialized refill bottles that thread right into the 510 connection for a mess-free fill, sure, but that still kind of defeats the whole purpose of a built-in bottle! So, until we discover the secret to warping space and time inside a small plastic container, heavy vapers may still need to carry another bottle around to avoid going dry midway through their day.

RDAs Only

The whole point of a squonk mod is to move juice somewhere where there was previously no juice, right? That means RTAs, sub-ohm tanks, and clearomizers have no use for a squonk mod—they already have juice right there! So if you're not a regular dripper dripper, then you just won't really get the full enjoyment from a squonk mod.

BF/Squonk-Ready RDAs Only

And if your dripper doesn't come with a BF positive pin, you may be able to find an aftermarket positive pin from the original manufacturer or a third-party maker, but chances of that are slim.

You'll run through juice like no tomorrow

Never before could you simultaneously drip into your RDA and take a hit from your mod. It just seems pointless. Well, seemED pointless. Now it's the vape solution you've been dreaming of. Forget taking short puffs off of extra hot builds to avoid singeing your wick. Just keep pushing juice to your coil as you draw, cooling down your build for extra-long, dense, hot pulls.

Only problem? Self-control only goes so far! It's not before long that you take a glance at your bottle, only to be convinced that someone is strategically stealing your juice—straight from your mod, no less! Okay, maybe it's not too much a con after all.

Battery life isn't crazy impressive

If you've become accustomed to the lengthy battery life of your 3-battery device, you may disappointed by the rarity of multi-celled squonk devices. There are a few that exist—such as the DripBox 160W. For the most part, though, your squonk mod will be restricted using a single battery throughout the day, so investing in a quality battery case to partner with your squonk box would be a wise move.


As you can see, squonk mods of all kinds are feature-filled and fully functional, ready to provide an enriched yet easy-going vape experience to vapers of nearly every experience level. If you'd like to learn even more about these devices making a huge comeback, check out our guest post with even more helpful info on squonk mods! Or if you'd like to take a look at our wide selection of squonk-ready devices, feel free to head on over to our Squonk Mods and Squonk RDA sections, where we have all the greatest deals on only the most highly rated squonk mods!