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Vaping 101: Overview

Posted by Mitch Clarke on 23rd May 2017

Hello, and welcome to EVCigarette’s Overview to Vaping! Either you must be new here or you just want to learn more about vaping—either way, you’ll find more than enough knowledge … read more

Vaping 101: RBAs

Posted by Mitch Clarke on 24th Apr 2017

If you, like many other vapers, started on a cheap cigalike or tiny pen-style e-cigarette and have yet to switch to some of the newer types of setups, I have some unfortunate news for you: … read more

Vaping 101: Temperature Control

Posted by Mitch Clarke on 11th Apr 2017

We've all been there: we set our vape down for but a minute—mentally noting that it tastes a little dry—but when we return for a quick hit after immediately tossing our mental Post-it note … read more