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Vaporesso cCell Atomizer Coil Heads (5pcs)

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SALE PRICE: $12.50
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Consumable Item. No warranty, refunds or exchanges allowed. We only guarantee t…


Consumable Item. No warranty, refunds or exchanges allowed. We only guarantee that you will not receive it DOA (Dead on Arrival).


Vaporesso cCell Atomizer Heads (5pcs)

Introducing the Vaporesso cCell atomizer heads! These highly functional heads take advantage of the increasingly ubiquitous innovations in ceramic-cored atomizer heads, but with a few key differences. Rather than utilize the hard ceramic as the primary heating element and use organic cotton as the main wicking material, as found in many other ceramic-based atomizer heads, the cCells instead make use of a porous ceramic core surrounding the heating element. Porous ceramic wicks much faster and more thoroughly than regular cotton, is much more resistant to heat and spitback, and naturally cleans itself over its lifespan, making it an obvious choice when eliminating dry hits, juicy spits, and gunky wicks. An additional layer of organic cotton is then wrapped around the ceramic core to add a secondary source of wicking, an extra degree of filtration and leak resistance, and eliminates the possibility of burning the cotton wick. 

Thankfully, these heads are compatible with not only all Vaporesso sub-ohm tanks, but also many other different types of tanks, allowing you to avoid being tied down to just one tank in order to get the outstanding performance of these coils.

Price is for five (5) replacement heads. 


  • Stainless Steel Chassis
    • 24K Gold-Plated
  • Kanthal Heating Element
  • Porous Ceramic Core
    • Wicks Faster than Regular Cotton
    • Unadulterated Flavor
    • Self-Cleaning
    • Minimal Spitback
    • Dry Hit Resistant
    • Heat Resistant
  • 100% Organic Cotton Auxiliary Wicking
  • Large Juice Ports
  • Available in:
    • Kanthal - 0.9Ω (20W - 35W)
    • Ni200 - 0.2Ω
    • SS316L - 0.6Ω (40W - 75W)
    • SS316L - 0.5Ω (20W - 40W)

Compatible With:

WARNING: These are sub-ohm resistance coils which your device may not support safely. Due to the increased risk when used incorrectly, extra safety precautions should be practiced when using a sub ohm tank. This tank will only work on devices capable of firing sub ohm resistances and handling high amp loads. For mechanical mod users, please use batteries capable of 30A continuous or higher. If you're using a regulated mod, make sure both it and your batteries can handle the amperage. Improper use can lead to injury or damage. Take extra care to check with your ohm meter, ohms law calculator and amperage drain in order to stay safe! If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us by email.

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